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 Bknott x Kudoz (Gnetik)

Birmingham, AL


Coming from the guts of Alabama, rappers Bknott and Kudoz (together forming Gnetik) are original and fearless. Both moved from the south to NYC to pursue their music careers, which only strengthens their partnership and highlights their individuality.  


Bknott, from Birmingham, AL, has been crafting music since he was a teenager. Three years ago, he left his stable nine-to-five job to be an entrepreneur, and has since become an all-in-one artist. He records and mixes his own music and directs, shoots, edits all of his videos. Bknott is truly a one-man band.


Kudoz, from Montgomery, AL, has been enamored with music since he was a child. With an innate musical ability Kudoz can always turn nothing into something. His name is how he pays homage to those before him who paved the way in hip-hop.


Both artists have incomparable sounds, relentless work ethic, and a deep love for hip-hop music. Bknott and Kudoz are innovators who will forge their own paths into the music industry.